Indian Catering
India is the birthplace of wonderfully varied cuisines where each region is known for particular dishes, ingredients, and styles of cooking. Northern India is famous for Punjabi food prepared Tandoori style where meats, vegetables, and breads are cooked in a coal-heated clay oven. Gujarati cuisine also comes from the North and comprises delightful vegetarian dishes served in small bowls with lentils, rice, bread, and a something sweet. Southern and eastern coastal regions include the meat and fish dishes of Bengal and Keralan. Keralan is known for blends of spices and ingredients such as coconut that create dishes uniquely sweet and spicy.

Bespoke Banqueting specialises in the rich fare of the Punjabi region and uses only the freshest prime ingredients. We blend our spices in-house to achieve the most subtle flavours, whether we are seeking to retrieve the tastes of home or create new recipes. Our expert catering services offer unlimited varieties of delicious Indian dishes and will create a menu tailor made to your preferences. Our expert chefs are adept at mingling traditional foods with exciting new dishes that your guests will relish.

Your wedding or special event menus may be extended to include pre-wedding breakfast fare, cocktails and canapés, outdoor dining, and crowd-pleasing centrepieces such as chocolate fondue fountains and ice sculptures.

The wedding and event planners at Bespoke Banqueting are always ready to assist you with your menu choices and can arrange for food tastings to ensure you are completely happy with your menu selections.
Event Catering
Bespoke Banqueting brings over 30 years of catering expertise to your special event. Our knowledge and understanding of Indian weddings and family celebrations allows us to anticipate every detail in planning your event. We are dedicated to your happiness and our expert catering staff will ensure you are able to relax and fully enjoy your special celebration.

Our extensive catering experience also encompasses corporate events, such as award ceremonies, product launches, or company celebrations. Bespoke Banqueting brings specialised services to corporate events, from impressive staging to seating that encourages communication to multiple dining options. Our consultants can take the worry out of your event, so you may focus on the event and its participants.

We also offer event packages – your expert event consultant can advise you of these cost effective opportunities.

Bespoke Banqueting has an outstanding array of venue choices for your event. As preferred caterers for prestigious venues throughout the UK, we can ensure your special event will take place at the perfect location. Our event consultants take your preferences and search our nationwide listing of venues to find the locations that will match your needs and take your breath away.

Your celebration will blossom into an unforgettable event under the masterful catering of Bespoke Banqueting.
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