Event Services
Planning a special event requires diligent organization, the expertise to anticipate every contingency, and the experience to make the crucial decisions that assure success.

At Bespoke Banqueting, we understand every aspect of event planning, especially the all important task of creating the perfect menu. Our award winning expertise allows us to put together a menu that will appeal to every guest and satisfy every palate or special need.

We have a marvellous array of food and beverage options that will highlight your choice of venue, event style, and type of celebration. If you or your guests have any religious obligations, we will make every effort to respond to those needs.
Fruit Display

Nothing says fresh and delicious like a sumptuous presentation of delectable fruits.  Bespoke Banqueting will leave your guests speechless with their fragrant fruit feasts – beautifully carved whole and pieced fruits are displayed in mouth watering arrangements.  We use only the very best quality of a wide variety of tropical and exotic fruits, ripened to perfection and absolutely luscious.  This delightful addition to your menu will be truly memorable.

Ice Sculptures
ICE SCULPTURES For an eye-catching dramatic touch, nothing tops a spectacular ice sculpture. These fantastic works of art can be displayed on a rotating pedestal, glittering in spotlights or can be used as a functioning ice bar, intricately carved and radiating light from embedded, multi-colour LED lights. Your ice sculpture can include a personalized design or follow the theme or style of your event. Bespoke Banqueting uses a premier ice sculpture supplier and can guarantee each sculpture will remain crystal clear and rock solid throughout your event.
The Event
Bespoke Banqueting wants you to be free to fully enjoy your once in a lifetime event, so our consultants are expertly prepared to plan and execute every stage of your event. We will thoroughly discuss your event desires, expectations, and dreams with you and will offer insightful suggestions that support your wishes. Your event consultant will advise you of the many options available for your event, such as intelligent lighting, live video of your event in progress, dance floors, seating and dining arrangements, and live entertainment.

Once we have an understanding of your wants and needs, our highly experienced event designers will begin planning. You can relax and focus on the many delightful tasks of preparing for your wedding, secure in the knowledge that Bespoke Banqueting will produce the perfect wedding celebration for you.

Our expert care includes every aspect of your wedding, from every food and beverage being served to invitations, seating, music, dancing, lighting and securing the perfect venue. Regardless of your theme, style or number of guests, Bespoke Banqueting is prepared to give you a flawless event – where you can be free of stress and simply enjoy yourself and your guests – creating the memories of a lifetime.
Chocolate Fountain

Exotic and ultra luxurious, a chocolate fountain becomes an inescapable gathering place for your cocktail reception guests.  A chocolaty ambrosia scent greets each guest as they enter the room and draws them irresistibly to the delicious chocolate cascades.  Bespoke Banqueting can design and serve beautiful arrangements of sweets, such as fresh exotic fruits and small delicate pastries, that are ready to be skewered with fondue sticks and drenched in the rich chocolate.  Your chocolate fountain may contain your choice of chocolate – milk, mint, hazelnut, strawberry, white, or dark.